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6.0 CW approach covers all your bases. We can offer you the equipment, the expertise, energy, and wellness solutions your business needs to realize the potential of a healthier workforce.

You can then take comfort in sitting back and leaving the rest to us. 6.0 Corporate Wellness (6.0 CW) fills in every gap and covers every angle in making sure your risks and concerns quickly become worries of the past.

We draw up your company’s customized, comprehensive Wellness Solutions Strategy, which represents our plan of action and your assurance policy, guaranteeing real physical and fiscal results!

The 6.0 CW team is prepared to bring comprehensive, effective health evaluation services, physical activity readiness assessments, screening technologies, and other services that give awareness of and options for addressing physical conditions.

Health Screening Service:

an experienced medical technician will be assigned to administer confidential health screening services on location. This screening service provides readings on glucose levels, blood pressure statistics, cholesterol, health risk assessment factors, and other important medical information.

Lifestyle Classes:

We educate, inspire, and monitor your progress in reducing or eliminating the use of substances that are counterbalanced to a healthy lifestyle.

Health Fair Events:

Our focus is to support businesses and communities at large by organizing, promoting, and hosting health fairs to meet the community wellness needs.